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Acoustic | Privacy Furniture & Novus Zoning System
Standard Powder Coats
Linear Pods & Booths: aluminum frame, door hardware, table bases
Soft Pods & Booths: door hardware, table bases
Novus Zoning System: steel frame
Standard Laminates
Linear Pods & Booths: exterior panels, work surfaces, table tops
Soft Pods & Booths: work surfaces, table tops
Novus Zoning System: shelves, cabinets, planter boxes, display boxes
Standard Fabrics
Linear Pods & Booths: interior/exterior panels, sofas
Soft Pods & Booths: interior & and exterior panels, sofas
Novus Zoning System: fabric panels
Standard Wood Stains
Wood Stains
Soft Pods & Booths: oak frame table legs
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